Frequently Asked Questions

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How far ahead do you book?

That's impossible to say - your date may be available up until the day before the event (really not that likely!), or it might get booked today. We really have no way of knowing. Also, we accept bookings up until the end of the following year, meaning that we are currently booking dates through the end of 2018.

When are tours available?

Our regular tour hours are between 10am and 4pm (last tour starts at 3:30pm) from Tuesday to Friday. Morning tours are easiest as we sometimes book afternoon weekday corporate events. Please note that all tours and site visits are by appointment only.

What is the capacity of the space?

The inside will seat 80 guests comfortably, which allows for an outside ceremony and an inside reception. If you don't need the outside space for a ceremony, you can seat a total of 140 guests using both the inside and outside spaces, but then the weather becomes a greater concern as you can't just bring everyone inside if the weather goes bad. At that point you may want to consider renting a tent, or having one on standby.

What is the music / noise policy?

We are in a residential building, situated in a residential area - there can absolutely be music and dancing, but it needs to be kept at a reasonable volume. We have had many successful parties with great music. Speakers or anything that makes music are not allowed on the patio - there can be speakers set up as close as the doors, but not actually outside on the patio. We have a built-in music system that plays music over our in-house speakers from an iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

What time must events end?

Our event end time on weekends (Friday - Sunday) is 11pm. You still have 1 hour after that for cleanup / teardown. On weekdays (Monday - Thursday), we ask that events are concluded by 10pm.

How much do we need to book a date?

The initial payment consists of 50% of the rental total plus a $500 deposit towards beverage services, and a $250 deposit towards either catering services OR the outside catering fee. The other 50% of the rental is due at 30 days before the event date. We hold an $800 security deposit the week before the event which automatically falls off if there is no need for a deduction.

What is included in the rental?

We include valet, security, use of both the inside and outside spaces as well as chairs and tables. Click here to have a look at our chairs!

How much does extra time cost?

The listed prices are for a standard 4 hour rental, and additional event hours can be added on for 25% of the 4 hour price (not to exceed $500 / hour). Additional setup or teardown hours can be added for $100 each. Additional venue rental will also add increased fees for beverage service staff, valet and beverage service.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the unfortunate event of an event cancellation, we keep the equivalent of cost of renting the space for your reserved date. What that usually works out to is if you cancel before your final payment, we keep the first payment, and if you cancel after your second payment, we return the beverage and catering deposit portions only.

Can we use our own caterer?

While we would love for you to use our catering services for your event, you can use an outside caterer - we will need to see a food service license as well as proof of liability insurance from your chosen caterer. We also charge a $250 outside catering fee. There are actually two excellent restaurants in the same building as the venue - The Studewood Cantine, a great Mexican restaurant, and Sushi in the Heights, a sushi restaurant that can cater as well.

Can we bring in our own alcohol?

No - we are a TABC licensed business, and we are required to perform all beverage services. Please contact us for pricing.

Can we use candles?

Yes, but we recommend flameless candles. Sometimes it gets windy out on the patio, and we would have for a wax candle to get knocked over and cause damage that you would then have to pay for. So in short, you can, but be careful.

What is your pet policy?

We will take double the security deposit for events that will have any animals attending, and we will be *very* stringent about anything that happens because of the animal, like pee, poop or even shedding. Animals over 30 pounds will not be permitted.

What is involved in clean up / teardown?

That's pretty minor - all that we require is that you take all your items with you, pick up any trash and leave all trash in the kitchen (we even provide trash bags!). Also any furniture used outside on the patio needs to be moved back inside at the end of the event. Depending on our schedule, you may be able to have rented items picked up on the next business day morning between 8am and noon, or you may have to arrange for pickup the night of the event.

Can we have sparklers?

No sparkers, no rice, no confetti - we recommend bubbles though!

What if it rains?

If it rains, or the weather is otherwise trash, for guest counts 80 or less, a rain plan can be as simple as just having the whole event on the inside space. When you start to go over 80-90 guests, you may want to seriously consider renting a tent or other canopy - if the weather goes bad, you won't be able to fit all your guests inside. The company we use for that is ACME Rental.

Do you have a floor plan?

Yes! Please click here to download it. We can also by found on AllSeated, so you can set up your event interactively!

Do you have a getting ready room?

No we don't at the moment - our clients typically just arrive ready to go. We do have arrangements with the Hampton Inn on I-10 (3.7miles / 8 minutes) as well as the Hotel Icon downtown (3.3miles / 10 minutes) for discounted room rates.

30 minute tours / Late Arrivals
We are excited you want to tour 1111 and we would love to show you our space. When you book a 30-minute private tour, we commit to having enough time to answer any questions you may have. Therefore, we recommend you are on time so you can get the most out of your appointment.
Contact information
Please note that 1111 tours may be subject to last minute rescheduling due to event reservations. We are committed to contacting you on any tour changes in advance – please provide the best mobile phone number to reach you.
Decision makers
We are confident we can address most of your questions in one private tour. Due to the limited availability of private tours, we typically recommend one viewing tour per client. However, we understand it may not be feasible to get all key decision-makers at once and will work with you on a case by case basis.
Be ready to book
Often, prospective clients come to a tour, love the space and then call back 3 months later only to find that their perfect date has been booked. While we understand your excitement to begin your wedding or event planning process, we encourage you to wait to tour venues until you are ready to book one - otherwise you run the risk of having to start the touring process with different venues all over again.
Elevator dimensions
Our elevator goes from the lobby to the 7th floor, and here are the dimensions, in case you have larger items to move into the space during setup time. Elevator dimensions are 98 inches high, and 77 by 60 inches.
Vendor information
Before your event, you will receive a vendor information packet with information for you to share with all your vendors. This packet really helps setup and teardown go very smoothly and is also very helpful with eliminating anything that may cause a deduction to your security deposit. Please go ahead and share it with your vendors upon receipt.